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We are an Independent Power Producer (IPP) developing, funding and operating high quality renewable energy projects in Europe and Asia, with a focus on large-scale (rooftop) solar projects. In total we developed 26MW and we funded and operate 16MW of renewable energy projects. As such, we create a portfolio of green energy projects with stable returns.

Professional management with proven track record
Stable, predictable returns with low risks
High quality technology used

For rooftops Owners

Does your company, school, etc have a large roof? GreenPulse installs a photovoltaic solar park on your roof and manages the installation in order to maximize the electricity production. The advantage for you is that you get cheap green electricity (cheaper than what you pay now) and you can invest your cash in your core-activities.


For Investors

You want to invest in renewable energy, but you live in an apartment? Or you want to earn more than what you currently earn on your savings account? Invest alongside a professional company so that you are sure of your returns.



Independence, Integrity, Quality. Thanks to an extended network and a strong reputation with financial institutions and investors, GreenPulse is considered to be a professional and reliable player in the development and operation of renewable energy projects.

Last usecase

BMW Showroom

Rooftop – Monserez (Belgium)
system-power PV system power
291 kWp
chart-comparison Annual comparison
system-power Annual prod.
274 995 kWh
Co2-Avoided CO2 Avoided
841 t


Hambantota Solar Park

Sri-Lanka Sri-Lanka - 10MW


Belgium Belgium - 3MW


Belgium Belgium - 2.4MW

Alro Group

Belgium Belgium - 2.2MW

Gilbert De Clercq

Belgium Belgium - 1.8MW


Belgium Belgium - 1.6MW


Belgium Belgium - 1.5MW


Belgium Belgium - 1MW

Sterima Vanguard

Belgium Belgium - 700kW


Belgium Belgium - 600kW


Belgium Belgium - 500kW


Belgium Belgium - 450kW

J. Cortes

Belgium Belgium - 250kW


Belgium Belgium - 200kW


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About GreenPulse

GreenPulse was established in 2008 by Manu Jans.

Manu Jans, the CEO, build up an extensive career in Europe and Asia in various (financial) management positions, amongst others at McKinsey&Company. Manu studied Corporate Finance at the University of Ghent, at the London Business School and at Vlerick Business School.

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