Co-invest in renewable energy

Do you want to contribute in the transition towards more renewable energy? Are you looking for an interesting financial return? Don’t look any further. Invest, alongside GreenPulse, in the future.

How does it work ?

GreenPulse Finance cvba provides individuals the opportunity to co-invest in our renewable energy projects and share in the profits of these projects.

You can buy shares from the cooperative association, in return for a dividend. The raised capital will be invested in various renewable energy projects.

This structure offers you numerous advantages: 

  • an interesting return: expect between 3 – 6%
  • a very low risk: diversification of projects
  • a yearly dividend
  • you can co-invest as from €500

For all terms and conditions, consult our FAQ and Statutes.

Current projects


Belgium - 424.123 kWh


Die Keure

 solar panels
8.800 m2 roof
generates 424,123 kWh / year
equivalent to 118 families
16% of electricity usage is now green
reduction of 142 tons CO2
total investment €442,000


INNI Group

 solar panels
11.000 m2 roof
generates 600,000 kWh / year
equivalent to 166 families
30% of electricity usage is now green
reduction of 190 tons CO2
total investment €590,000


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